Donald Trump Fires Pope Francis

Is it true?

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In my course for young men and women called “The Sacred Sensual Healer,” which I am preparing soon, I will be talking to Catholics about the importance of merging spirituality and sexuality in order to uncover our root-mother energy, and knowing more fully the divine presence not only in our hearts, minds, and souls, but in our entire bodies.

As a woman who loves Jesus deeply, as well as Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, I have been doing a lot of work in the past year and a half on the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, and uncovering what might be in those missing pages. It seems that if we had the gospels of the women who followed Jesus Christ, we would understand more deeply feminine wisdom, which resides in our bodies — in our root and sacral chakras, which are linked to sexuality. Inside this feminine wisdom, this root of our bodies, and in our hips and lower abdomen, we get tingles and sensations that mimic and point to the same kind of power as the holy spirit. These sensations tell us things.

These sensations are a signal and a warning for us to know the false from the true, to know lies and corruption from what is genuine and authentic. It is not that we have to see it and necessarily witness it, or read it in the news and try to put the puzzle pieces together. We know it because we know our bodies, and we know how to feel the power of emotion, and we trust that those emotions tell us things. We are not meant to be robots, you know. (Although the institutions of this nation of America seem to think we should be!)

We also know through faith and prayer, which the women around Jesus definitely had.

Faith in feminine power and energy helps us to experience lies and falsity in our bodies and in our roots, and this is where feminine energy lies. It rises up from the root of us. It is a flame that ignites us into passion, the passion of Christ. We only know this if we have practiced and uncovered the power of feminine wisdom, which exists in both women and men, male and female. Feminine wisdom comes from experience. It comes, often, from being hurt and wounded, from not being listened to, and from learning to recognize the people we can’t trust, as well as the people we can.

For many of us, it comes because we’ve been raped, abused, or molested, or because we’ve witnessed atrocities, and we set an intention and have a conviction that we will never allow that to happen again.

Today I had a divine revelation in my prayers to St. Rita of Cascia, who is a heroic saint. Her family turned their back on her because she chose to put God the Father first. Some friends, her husband, and even her two sons were corrupt.

But that woman sure did love God. She had conviction, and she had the Holy Spirit. And she knew God. She loved Jesus and put him first every day and night. And because of that, she was able to finally get into the convent she wanted to live in, a convent dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene, where St. Rita of Cascia lived out her days in devotion to Jesus Christ. The one and only. There is no mistaking him for anyone else, if you truly know him. Unfortunately, many people do not. Many people know Judases — people who are false witnesses to Christ. They pretend to know Jesus, but they do not, because they do not act in alignment with the values of truth, and the dedication to exposing corruption, which Jesus consistently taught.

My divine revelation is that Trump fires people. He is known for firing. It happens over and over again. And I believe that what we don’t know to be true just yet, is that Donald Trump has fired Pope Francis as an advisor.

Pope Francis is a good man. He has worked very hard to change this nation, to end racism, poverty, and oppression. He respects women, as women have been lifted up time and time again for their faith in the Catholic church, through sainthood.

I believe, through my own inner feminine wisdom, my divine understanding and my love of saints like Mary Magdalene, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Therese de Lisieux, and St. Bernadette, as well as Mother Mary, that Pope Francis has tried to talk to Donald Trump about the importance of loving our enemies, and ending this pandemic of racism and corruption in American society.

Donald Trump just doesn’t listen.

Donald Trump does NOT have ears to hear, and he does not know Jesus.

And he will never hear, and he will never know. He is just not capable. Some men will always be Judas, through and through.

And so in my book for young men, I used my own discovery of Jesus’s words in the New Testament, and my experience in various traditions including yoga, to learn what it means to live in integrity, to act as Jesus taught.

It is extremely hard work. It requires such commitment, and such loyalty, and to be honest with you, I am very tired.

Still, I want to share this nugget from my feminine wisdom: I would like to suggest that Pope Francis has tried to teach Donald Trump about Jesus, but Jesus has just not gotten through to that man.

Donald Trump is not a friend to God. He is not a friend to Jesus. And he may NOT, and will NEVER, get to stand up and suggest he knows goodness or light, or what is right and wrong.

I do. And I’m a mother.

And I am willing to talk to that man, to look him in the eyes, so I can discern and declare the false from the true witness of Jesus Christ, Son of God.

Would you be able to do such a thing? I am confident that I can.

In fact, I’d be happy to invite Pope Francis and Donald Trump to dinner, and sit around and have a conversation about goodness and things of that sort. And maybe it could even be recorded for posterity. Do you think Donald Trump knows the gospel of Jesus Christ? I think we could all have fun discussing some parables.

I have three beautiful children. I am an unmarried woman. I do want a special man in my life, but I need to be assured that any men around my son knows right from wrong, knows how to honor Jesus’s messages and gospels, not just in word, but in deed.

So, for the love of the most important man in my life, my son, Bennett Llewellyn, who I want to have a very good role model in this lifetime, I am taking these Catholic churches to task. I hope Pope Francis will begin to speak publicly about the corruption in America he knows to be true.

There are some families really suffering with domestic abuse, and with pedophilia, and there are some serious ills in these Catholic churches. We need the women to step up and speak out. And we need the men to speak up, too.

Unfortunately, in my own life, I have not met many of those good men. I would like to know some. But it’s like Flannery O’Connor says, in her short story, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”:

“A good man is hard to find.”

Let’s begin to honor good men in the Catholic church and beyond, so we do not have to subscribe and submit to this adulterous generation of lies and evil anymore, through false witnesses to Jesus Christ.

I will just not tolerate Judases running this country into the ground, calling black people, and people of all colors, “nigger.” I think that the most appropriate use of that word, “nigger,” is for those who are the ignorant, the absent, the vacant-hearted, who speak and speak and speak empty words, and breed hatefulness, lies, and deceit.

I am doing something about this, through my faith and my relationship with Jesus, the holy spirit, and women saints.

I hope you will find a way to speak out too.

Kindest Regards,


Blending the sacred and the sensual through art, yoga philosophy, commentary, and updated bible readings.

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