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In order to uncover, understand, or explore feminine sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality, we women (and brave-hearted men), must delve into the meaning of the word that has haunted us for many centuries: Witch.

I want to be clear that evil forces are real. Black magic, dark magic, evil omens, all of it is real. One can tap into voodoo or other dark energies and cause significant change and manifestation, all in an evil way that goes against the law of God, which is to embody and spread love, joy, and peace.

However, feminine sexual/sensual/spiritual energy is so misunderstood…

The rocky, alternate road to heaven.

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It was the summer of 2019 when I became clear about the path that was nudging me, the Divine whispering in my ear the message that I had to find a way to build a strong, sturdy bridge between the sacred and the sensual in my own life, and for the benefit of others.

I was sitting at a café outside a museum in Philadelphia when the breadth of this landed. I had been led to a website on my phone about women trying to recover from genital mutilation, and others who were victims…

When you say that I think of the Bride of Frankenstein! It sounds spooky. What does the "bridegroom" mean to you? What have you found in your research? That word kind of stumps me in the gospel.

What you share is so important. I wonder if there is a way to present it in video form? Each of these bullet points can be a highlight for each individual video. I think it could catch on! :)

For non-believers of Jesus

For many years, I sat in Quaker meeting for an hour on Sundays, pondering, reflecting, breathing. Quakers are not Amish, they’re not Shakers. They originally called themselves Friends. They turn to the silence, the Light within (the Christ within all of us), and ask for answers, for ministry. Every once in a while, someone will stand up in a meeting to speak a ministry brought on by the Holy Spirit, which is what happens to me a lot of the time. I am especially open, a vessel or channel, someone who knows God.

Knowing God does…

Who has more authority?

Does a priest have more authority than a Mother?

In the scriptures of the New Testament, what priest ever influences Jesus, or teaches Jesus a single thing?

And yet, how many women, mothers, open Jesus’s heart and help him create miracles?

The Catholic church gets kids, gets people, young, convincing them a priest has authority ordained by God. Priests even call themselves “Father,” though they have no children, and do not know what it is like to conceive.

What arrogance!

Why not, if you worship the Christ Jesus, call yourself a son, and act according to…

“Every rose has its thorn.” –Guns ‘n Roses

For Marie

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You don’t believe it can be true.

You don’t believe that a person you have put so much faith in, could actually, truly, hate you.

You don’t know what love is, because perhaps you’ve never felt what’s true — goodness.

You’ve only felt the false.

You’ve only felt the lies.

And the narcissist comes in many forms: man, woman, black, white.

Selfish, selfish, selfish.

The N-Word tells you lies.

The N-word says, “Here, here, it’s me who is looking out for you. It’s me who really loves.”

The N-word says…


Blending the sacred and the sensual through art, yoga philosophy, commentary, and updated bible readings.

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